Exchange rates in Wroclaw

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USDamerican dollarUSD4.37504.3950
CHFswiss francCHF4.76004.7900
GBPpound sterlingGBP5.33505.3650
CZKczech korunaCZK0.18800.1892
DKKdanish kroneDKK0.54500.5550
NOKnorwegian kroneNOK0.34000.3530
SEKswedish kronaSEK0.38500.3900
Update: 2023-09-28 14:11:06

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We are located in the heart (downtown) of the city of Wrocław, on the first floor of the building dom handlowy "Feniks" if you have any questions or want to reserve currency, contact us in any convenient way.

Szewska 75/77, 50-121 Wrocław  yes Mon - Sun: 8:00 - 22:00


Our Company presents the most important components of excellent service, collected in one place.

Your Safety is our priority. We have armored doors, cameras are installed everywhere, money is checked by a special detector for currency.
All types of currencies
We accept more than 50 types of currencies, different denominations, condition and types of banknotes.
Current exchange rate
We monitor the most favorable conditions of exchange for our customers and provide only verified information for you.
Without weekends, nooning and breaks
Experience high-quality, fast service any day any time.
Availability of funds
You can always be sure that the ordered amount is ready and waiting for you on time.

Where is the best place to exchange currency in Wroclaw?

Currency exchange Kantor Kurs is always the best exchange rate of the city.  Currency exchange Kantor Kurs in Wrocław during the whole day monitors the exchange rate of all foreign exchange offices. The current exchange rate can be checked on the website or telegram channel.


Where is the most advantageous to exchange a large amount of dollars in Wroclaw?

If you want to exchange a large amount of currency, select Currency exchange Kantor Kurs on the Wrocław Market Square. This exchange office provides a wholesale exchange rate for hryvnia, dollars or euros for pln. And vice versa. You can also book the required amount in advance by contacting by phone or by writing in a telegram.


Where can I exchange old or damaged banknotes in Wroclaw?

Old or damaged foreign currencies can be exchanged in the Currency Exchange exchange rate. The exchange rate for illiquid banknotes is different from the regular rate.